Teacher-In-Charge Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1 : General Information

What is this program (NALVC)?

New Age Learner Virtual Conference (NALVC) is a yearly conference organised by Ascendance. The program is conducted for students by students to inspire them to set goals and achieve holistic success while they are still in school.

What is Ascendance?
Please refer to this Introduction Video of Ascendance : 
How did you get my number?

We received your contact number via the registration form for Teacher-In Charge.

Is this program approved by Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM)?

Yes, we are approved by the KPM. Check out the official letter here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/12mKCxcqtgyi27Scm_hGgsETNO4ku9Oo0/view?usp=sharing

What are the benefits of this program?

Please refer to our program booklet to find out more : https://bit.ly/NALVC2021Booklet

Who are the speakers?

Speakers includes the Ascendance Team together with many other young changemakers from around the world. Check out the Program Booklet to find out more info.

Is this program an International Conference?

We have speakers and participants who will be attending from various countries, so yes, it is.

Is this program free of charge?

Yes, program is free for students but seats are limited. Seats are sponsored by Ascendance’s corporate partners.

Where will the conference be conducted/streamed at?

The program will be streamed LIVE on YouTube.

Is this Conference recorded or live? Can we get the recording if we are unable to attend?

This is a LIVE session. The recording will be available at the same link for 48 hours after which it will be taken down. This is to facilitate the students from around the world to watch it as per their time zone.

What is the age limit to join this program ?

9 years old & above

Is it a one day program only or there's a follow up?

It is a 2 days program + competition. Other programs by Ascendance will be announced in the Telegram Groups. Do stay tuned!

Part 2 : Registration & Attendance

How do I register?

If you’re interested to sign up as a Teacher-In-Charge (Guru Pengiring) of your school, please visit www.newagelearner.com

What do I do after registration?

After completing your registration as the Teacher-In Charge, you will receive a code/link which can be used to register students from your school. You will be required to communicate and update the participants’ parents regarding program details.Also ensure that you have joined the TIC Telegram Group to receive information and updates about the program.

Can I register my students after registrations are closed?

We strictly do not accept registrations after 5th September 2021 – 11:59 PM GMT+8

How many Teacher-In-Charge allowed per school?

We allow a maximum of 3 Teachers to take on the role of TIC per school.

Do teachers have to attend the program?

It is encouraged that Teachers-In-Charge attend the whole duration of the program.

Can I have a list of participants/students from my school?

The registered Teacher-In-Charge can have the list of participants from your school. Please request it from the Teacher-In-Charge Management Team.

Part 3 : Certificate & Kokurikulum Marks (PAJSK)

Does a Teacher-In-Charge receive Certificate of Appreciation?


Do the Participating Schools receive Certificates of Participation?

Schools that have registered via a Teacher-In-Charge will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Do Participants receive Certificate of Participation?

Yes participants do. Please refer to Participants FAQ for more information.

When & How will Schools & TICs receive the certificates?

Schools & TIC’s will receive the certificate in approximately 14 Days after the 2 day conference via email used for registration.

For Malaysian Students : Will they receive KoKurikulum Marks?

This depends on the decision by Ministry of Education Malaysia after the program is completed. Students will be informed regarding this within a minimum period of one month after the end of the program. (End of October)

If the program is approved, why does my certificate not have Malaysian Ministry of Education Logo (KPM)?

As of 2021 onwards, Official KPM Logo is only allowed to be used by KPM for their official use. External private organizations are not allowed to use KPM Logo for program materials, etc. Reference letter – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rUOzj6suFYm3Z9udtS0yWcq7yMF-wSvT/view?usp=sharing

Part 4 : Preparing for the Program

Why can't I click the link sent via Telegram?

You are unable to click the links as you have not saved our contact number yet. Please do ensure you have saved all of our contact numbers.

Do I have to use Telegram for this Conference? Any other mediums available?

We will only be communicating via Telegram Groups & Email to our participants. If you are unable to utilize Telegram, please refer to your email provided upon registration.

Can I change the contact number or add a new contact number?

Yes you can but please text your Telegram Group Admin to add/change numbers.

What should I prepare?

Information regarding materials & ground rules will be released in the Telegram Groups.

Do I have to use Laptop & Mobile Phone? What can I do if I only have a Mobile Phone/Laptop?

Participants are encouraged to use 2 devices. 1 laptop to watch the conference and 1 mobile phone for interactions and practicals. If you only have 1 device, you can use just one.

Is there a dress code? Do I need to turn on the camera/webcam?

Dress code : Casual, We will be using YouTube, therefore viewers are not required to turn on the camera.

What time does it begin? What time are the breaks? What time does the program end?

The agenda will be revealed to participants via program booklet. We will send the booklet in the Telegram Groups.

Where do I get the program booklet?

It will be sent in the Telegram group as we have mentioned before.

If I don't have a stable internet connection, what should I do?

If you are aware that you will not have a stable internet connection on the program day, please do look for alternatives/different locations to ensure you get the full experience of the programme.

Why can't I comment? / Cannot see live chat?

It’s because of Youtube’s privacy policy. Please ensure that the kids mode is disabled or please use a different YouTube Account without restrictions. You are also required to be logged in to Youtube to comment. Ensure you are logged in.

Why hasn't my student been added to the group although they have already registered?

We do not manually add participants to the Telegram Groups. You are required to join the groups via the link provided after registration. Contact organizers if you missed the link.

I accidentally left the YouTube link, can I get the YouTube link again?

Please refer to your Telegram group to get the YouTube link. The link only will be provided on the day of the program

Part 5 : Mystery Competition

What is the Mystery Competition?

It’s a mystery for a reason 😉

Is it a must to join the mystery competition?

It is not compulsory but the students are advised to take part in the competition to gain full benefits of the program and to receive Certificate of Participation.

Where do I get more information about the Mystery Competition?

All the information and other Terms and Conditions will be announced at the end of the the program. We will also send the information in the Telegram group as well.

What do the Winners Receive?

Top 1 : USD 225 / RM 1000 Cash Prize + Certificate of Achievement + Teenage Entrepreneur Ultimate Gift Set (Worth RM 1,315)
Top 2 : USD 165 / RM 750 Cash Prize + Certificate of Achievement + Teenage Entrepreneur Dynamic Box Set (Worth RM 885)
Top 3 : USD 110 / RM 500 Cash Prize + Certificate of Achievement + Teenage Entrepreneur Basic Book Set (Worth RM 700)

*Prizes differ for Non-Malaysian Winners

Part 6 : Awards & Prizes

What is the Most Participative School Award?

The Most Participative School Award is awarded to the Top 3 Schools that go through 3 levels of Judging that will evaluate their participation.

How is this Award judged?

Level 1 – Selection of Top 20 out of All Schools Participating – Based on number of students registered for NALVC
Level 2 – Selection of Top 10 out of Top 20 Schools – Based on % of students attending Day 1 & Day 2 of Conference / students registered for NALVC
Level 3 – Selection of Top 3 out of Top 10 Schools – Based on % of students participating in Mystery Competition / students attended in Day 1 & Day 2 of Conference

What do the Top 3 Winners Receive?

Top 1 : USD 225 / RM 1000 Cash Prize + Trophy + Certificate of Achievement + 3 copies of The Makings of A Teenage Entrepreneur
Top 2 : USD 165 / RM 750 Cash Prize + Trophy + Certificate of Achievement + 3 copies of The Makings of A Teenage Entrepreneur
Top 3 : USD 110 / RM 500 Cash Prize + Trophy + Certificate of Achievement + 3 copies of The Makings of A Teenage Entrepreneur
*Prizes differ for Non-Malaysian Winners

How do I know if my School is in Top 20?

The Top 20 Scoreboard will be updated in the Telegram Groups.